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iSIM 2023

Book of abstracts (updated May 11)

With the rapid progress in the research and development of magnetic materials, devices, and microsystems for sensors, memories, power, radio frequency, microwave, and millimeter wave electronics, there are great new opportunities for integrated magnetics in IoT, 5G, smartphones, biomedical applications, etc. We started the International Symposium on Integrated Magnetics (iSIM) series to serve the fast-growing needs of Society by reaching out to other IEEE societies and industries and bringing the science and technology on integrated magnetics to the market and general public.

The technical scope of iSIM 2023 includes integrated magnetic materials, devices, and microsystems for:

  1. Sensing,
  2. Integrated circuits, e.g., PwrSoC (power supply on chip), PwrSiP (power supply in package), etc.
  3. Disruptive technologies.

Selected papers from the iSIM 2023 will be published in IEEE Magnetics Letters.

iSIM 2023 is linked to Intermag 2023.

Approximate timing: May 14, 2023, 9:00 AM — May 15, 2023, 2:30 PM (GMT-5)
Venue: Sendai International Center