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Summary (iSIM 2023)

The First International Symposium on Integrated Magnetics (iSIM 2023) took place in Sendai, Japan, on May 14-15, 2023. Held as a satellite symposium to the prestigious IEEE International Magnetics Conference, INTERMAG 2023, iSIM 2023 proved to be an exceptional platform for researchers and industry experts to explore the latest breakthroughs in the field of integrated magnetics.

The iSIM2023, hosted in the picturesque city of Sendai, drew together leading scientists, engineers, and innovators from around the globe. There were 59 attendees, 30 from Asia Pacific, 16 from European Union, and 13 from the Americas. There were 48 presenters, including 14 invited speakers with 4 from Asia Pacific, 6 from Europe Union, and 4 from Americas. The invited talks had three sessions spanning 1.5 days, covering three topics on Integrated Magnetic Sensors (Magnetoelectric sensors, XMR sensors, etc.), Magnetics for Integrated Circuits (integrated magnetics for power and RF integrated circuits, etc.), and Magnetics for Disruptive Technologies (high-performance computing, flexible electronics, etc.). At the same time, there were 36 Poster presentations on topics related to integrated magnetics. The symposium served as a collaborative space for exchanging knowledge, fostering new collaborations, and discussing emerging trends in integrated magnetics.

The iSIM2023 concluded with a closing Award Ceremony, where outstanding contributions to the field were recognized. The iSIM2023 Awards were listed below:

Distinction Award:
Prof. Eckhard Quandt, Kiel University, Germany.

iSIM Young Investigator Award:
Prof. Takafumi Nakano, Tohoku University, Japan.
Prof. Niko Münzenrieder, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

iSIM Travel Award:
Ludovico Cestarollo, Cornell University, USA
Mateusz Golebiewski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
Honami Nitta, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

iSIM Best Poster Award:
Ludovico Cestarollo, Cornell University, USA
Yuanxun Ethan Wang, University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Honami Nitta, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Sarath Arackal, Indian Institute of Science, India
Ranajit Sai, University College Cork, Ireland.