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About Sendai (iSIM 2023)

Sendai, the capital of Miyagi prefecture, is called “Mori no Miyako” (City of Green), because of the large amount of greenery.

We warmly welcome you to Sendai and hope you will enjoy its nature, food, and history. Below, you can find some things to do in and around Sendai.

Gyu-tan (beef tongue)

Sendai is famous for its gyu-tan (beef tongue) dishes. The best way to enjoy beef tongue is with a set meal, which generally includes “mugi-meshi,” a dish combining beef tongue, barley, rice, oxtail soup made with broth from the cooked tail, together with salt-and-miso pickled vegetables.

Mochi & Shakes

Zunda-mochi is a type of local sweet. It is made by coating rice cakes with a sweet, green bean paste. You can also try Zunda Shakes, a new way to enjoy zunda.

Sendai Castle Site

Sendai castle, or Aoba castle, was built by Masamune Date, the founder of what is now Sendai city. The buildings of Sendai castle were burned down by lightning and the Sendai air raid. Today, you can visit the remains, including the stone walls, and enjoy the views over the city and out to the Pacific Ocean. The castle is a short (uphill) walk from the conference site.

Akiu-Onsen (hot spring)

Akiu is the nearest hot spring resort to Sendai and can be reached by a regular bus service. The Akiu hot spring is historically renowned and is one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan.

Day trips from Sendai

If you need a break from the conference, you can enjoy the scenery and attractions in places around Sendai.



Matsushima is said to be one of the three most scenic spots in Japan and is about 40 minutes by train from Sendai or Aoba-dori stations on the Senseki line. Alight at Matsushima Kaigan station. You can take a cruise around the bay full of small, pine tree-covered islands. Back on shore you can enjoy local specialities, such as oysters, visit some temples, and purchase tourist goods. (Official Site)


Yamadera means “mountain temple”, and can be reached by train from Sendai station in about an hour on the Senzan line. As you might expect, the temple is located fairly high up a steep mountain path. From the top you can enjoy views along the valley. At the bottom, you can replenish your energy levels by eating some Soba noodles, a specialty of the area. (Official Site)