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Program (iSIM 2024)

Schedule for each of the two days of the Symposium:

Day 1

8:00Bus transfer from hotels
8:30Registration starts
9:00Opening address
Denys Makarov
9:15Tailored magnetostrictive multilayers for magnetoelectric sensors (Invited)
Dirk Meyners
9:50Design and optimization of ultra-low damping magnetostrictive thin films for sensing applications (Invited)
Kumar Srinivasan
10:25Perspective and applicability of planar-Hall magnetoresistive sensors
Proloy Taran Das
11:15Magnetic noise in magnetoelastic resonators
Elizaveta Spetzler
11:35Machine learning-guided magnetic tracking and diagnosis of COVID-19: A new perspective (Invited)
Manh-Huong Phan
12:10Sensors based on magnetic nanowires (Invited)
Thomas Mühl
14:15Nanoscale diamond magnetometry (Invited)
Jan Rhensius
14:50Highly sensitive magnetic nanoparticles characterization at radio-frequency (Invited)
Jose L Marqués
15:25An MTJ-network system for spintronic accelerometers
Giovanni Finocchio
16:15Nanoscale magnetic sensing of antiferromagnets using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond (Invited)
Jerónimo Maze
16:50Imaging spin textures in functional multiferroic materials with a quantum sensor (Invited)
Paul Stevenson
17:25Banquet + Networking

Day 2

8:00Bus transfer from hotels
8:30Registration starts
9:00Welcome reception
9:15High performance metal chip power inductor and magnetics for IVR (Invited)
Toshio Hiraoka
9:50Sputtering growth of nanometer-thick Y3Fe5O12 films (Invited)
Mingzhong Wu
10:25Optimization of high-frequency permeability of thick magnetic material
Shin Yabukami
11:15Measurement of noise suppression performance in 22–30 GHz band of magnetic noise suppressor embedded into digital integrated circuits
Masahiro Yamaguchi
11:35Soft magnetic thin films for high-frequency integrated inductors (Invited)
Claudiu Falub
12:10Magnetics on silicon for future power inductor technology (Invited)
Ranajit Sai
14:15Flexible magnetic thin films and sensors (Invited)
Huali Yang
14:50Multifunctional smart skins for human machine interfaces and robotics (Invited)
Yevhen Zabila
15:25Magnetic composites for eco-sustainable magnetoelectronics
Denys Makarov
16:15Magnetoresistive sensors for surface exploration with 1D and 2D magnetic elastomers (Invited)
Susana Cardoso de Freitas
16:50Interfacial spin configuration controllable strain-driven training effect in flexible IrMn/[Co/Pt]n multilayers
Xilai Bao
17:10How curvature-induced effects emerging in corrugated strips can shape magnetic domain walls for advanced applications
Jose A. Fernandez-Roldan
17:30Awards Ceremony & Closing remarks
18:15End + bus transfer